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We are currently selecting artists to participate in digm art features: a groundbreaking new contemporary art program directly across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. Artists selected will receive 100% of the sales of their art, have their work featured two weeks per year, and have a year-round permanent presence in the Art Viewing Collections. digm art features will be located alongside our Contemporary Art Reading Room displaying over 100 magazines from around the world with a guided art lecture each month. We will also have a coffee/wine bar adjacent to the exhibition space. Read more. Apply here.


Three submissions will be awarded first, second and third place awards. These artists will have the participation fees waived, be featured in a solo exhibition and have a longer essay in our annual catalog. 


The initial selection period will take place between April 1- 30, 2014. Entries will be given priority of review in order received. The program will continue to have a rolling deadline thereafter where we review submissions at the end of each month for this year and next year's cycle.

WHY IS THE PROGRAM CALLED digm art features?

“digm” is a Greek suffix meaning “to show” or “to reveal”. Most people know the word “paradigm,” meaning to show or reveal a pattern in thinking. The program is hosted by Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery. Read more about us. The Gallery is launching a contemporary art magazine with this title and the art features program.


The project is located in an 8,800 square foot gallery space directly across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Denver with ample parking upstairs and in the heart of Denver's trendy LoDo district (Lower Downtown). Read about the Art Collections where the work will be housed. View the proposed project floorplan. Denver has over 11 million overnight leisure visitors per year. This location is in the center of that flow at 1515 Delgany Street, Denver, CO 80202.

MCA attracts 45,000 visitors per year. It is a high quality, self-selected crowd from around the world, sophisticated enough to seek out MCA: curators, architects, collectors, designers, museum professionals. Most of them walk directly in front of our sidewalk to come from the parking structure above us. MCA is an innovative institution that is receiving recognition around the country for its programming and groundbreaking programs. Read about MCA in the Denver Post or in The New York Times here and here.  

High-end complex
The project is part of a $100 million complex with over 1 million square feet of office space in its immediate vicinity. 

Lack of eating and lounge options in the immediate neighborhood will make the space a popular gathering place.

Redevelopment of Union Station is transforming this part of town; you can be part of the transformation. The space is just two blocks from Union Station, one block from 16th Street Mall, at the corner of 15th Street and Delgany Street in Denver, Colorado.

The concept has the enthusiastic support of many of our community leaders. The sophisticated aesthetic and Contemporary Art Reading Room will attract a serious art crowd.


It is a cost sharing model, built on a many-to-many concept. If selected, you must pay $60 or $120 per month to participate, however then you keep 100% of your sales. We are shifting the artist/gallery relationship to one of Social Entrepreneurship. In this model we blend for-profit, nonprofit and government efforts. We develop relationships that balance a fair profit for everyone, a sharing of expenses, crowd-sourcing as much as possible, and leveraging our nonprofit and government partner programs. You can recover this cost in the sale of just one artwork per year with unlimited upside.


All artists (all mediums), from anywhere in the world, are welcome to apply. We are cultivating an international program. We are also inviting select galleries to participate.

Other creative professionals such as architects and designers who can convey their work in the space allocated may also apply. We will segment these latter submissions in a separate area. We are comfortable crossing creative lines: think of La Galerie de l'architecture in Paris for example.

A section will be devoted to emerging artists and to artists from Colorado. Other sections will be defined based on submissions selected.

We understand that artists’ primary concerns are reputation, exposure to curators, sales, low cost, low risk, safety of the work, and a refined place to send clients to view your work. With that in mind, we have developed an alternative model that delivers on those concerns. 


We have begun with the premise that each artist will be accorded a permanent space in our Art Collections that is a flat, vertical wall 10-feet-high by 8-feet-deep. These same walls will be included in the two-week-long Features. Artists who wish to propose a larger installation, 3-dimensional works, video/film should please note their ideas in the application. We will do our best to find solutions to present the most interesting, varied program we can in the space.

For New Media, we are able to install flat panels in the Art Collections walls permanently and for the duration of the two week Features. Artists must supply the hardware required for their artwork. If we get a group of submissions with similar hardware requirements, we will do our best to procure hardware that can be shared.


Contact information
Artist statement and Biography
Portfolio: Minimum of 5 images of work created in the past 5 years
Artists must submit at least five (and up to 20) electronic images representing their body of work. Artists will be judged based on their portfolio of work. 


The $50 application fee is for us to review your art, build the required participation level, and develop the space needs requirements. It does not guarantee a spot in the final selection. 


If you are invited to participate, you will need to pay a $60 or $120 monthly participation fee for the two program services:
(1) a space to exhibit your work (8 feet wide, by 10 feet high and 2 inches deep) in the art viewing collections, and
(2) a feature two weeks per year.
A select number of artists may elect to pay $60/month for a shared space.
See our participation fees page for details. 


Each artist will have a feature two weeks per year. In the history of the Gallery, we have found that most exhibition sales happen the days leading up to the opening, on opening night and the week thereafter. With that in mind, we want to generate as many of those experiences as possible for two reasons (a) the artists get to show more of their work and (b) the viewers can expect that each time they come a new experience awaits. We are intentionally trying to crank up the volume of the space and through that bring everyone more exposure. In addition, we know that tapping into the social networks of 600 people will blend communities and increase exposure for all dramatically.


We want to encourage artists to collaborate with one another. Selected artists may collaborate with other artists in the group to form group shows that are up for longer periods of time. Each person is allocated one wall per two week period in a group context and they may combine that with others to form longer group shows.

View the Terms & Conditions.

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